My Health Manager

Horizon BCBS gives you the tools you need to help manage your care.

You can sign in to use My Health Manager, powered by WebMD®, to access your online personal health record, which automatically captures diagnoses, medicines and lab results from health care professionals. You can self-report additional information to create a comprehensive record. This resource can be important when you need to access your medical history. My Health Manager will also recommend articles and videos from WebMD’s extensive library that relate to your diagnoses.

You also can use My Health Manager to take the Health Assessment, which identifies your health risks and generates a score based on that information. WebMD will recommend additional resources to help you improve your score and achieve your best level of health.

Digital tracking programs that you can use to set wellness goals also are available. Programs include:

  • Conquer Stress: Aim for “low stress” on at least 21 of 28 days.
  • Eat Better: Try to create meals that follow the federal healthy nutrition guidelines.
  • Enjoy Exercise: Track physical activity with the goal of daily exercise.
  • Feel Happier: See if identifying and participating in enjoyable activities improves mood.
  • Lose Weight: Work toward a healthy weight goal slowly but steadily.
  • Quit Tobacco: This multi-phased approach can help you quit smoking.

WebMD® is a registered mark of WebMD, LLC. WebMD, LLC is independent from and not affiliated with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.