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ThriVe Wellness Program

Get Rewarded for Your Efforts! Earn up to $700 with the ThriVe wellness program.

Get started today by taking an online health assessment for your first 50 points. Then, continue to earn points throughout the year by tracking your healthy activities. When you earn 350 points, you’ll receive a $350 award. If you have a covered spouse or domestic partner eligible for the program who completes the assessment and also earns 350 points, your household will receive $700!

Getting Started

The first required activity for the ThriVe wellness program is to sign in and complete the confidential Horizon BCBS online health assessment. It takes just 15 minutes, and you’ll earn your first 50 points! The health assessment is a great way to learn about potential health risks.

Keep Earning Points

After you complete the health assessment, you’ll receive recommendations for wellness activities that can help you reach your health goals. You choose which activities are right for you. As you complete activities, you earn points toward your $350 award. Your covered spouse or domestic partner can do the same.

Incentive rewards are subject to income taxes.

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