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Health Programs

Our programs provide much more than just health insurance coverage when you are sick or need to visit a doctor.

Horizon Behavioral Health

Find balance, health and wellness for your mind and body.

Horizon Maternity Programs

We have tools to help you during your pregnancy.

Horizon Transplant Programs

Organ and tissue donation offers transplant patients the possibility of having a normal, healthy life. To support donors, recipients and their families, we’ve developed the Horizon Transplant Programs. Our goal is to help you find quality specialty care while enabling health professionals to improve the overall quality and delivery of health care nationwide.

Tobacco Cessation Coaching

You can take steps to get healthier by enrolling in free tobacco cessation coaching from Horizon BCBS through WebMD®.

ThriVe Wellness Program

Get Rewarded for Your Efforts! Earn up to $700 with the ThriVe wellness program.

Cancer Care Support

Each cancer patient is different, but they all share a common goal: being cancer-free.

Horizon Care Navigator

We know you’re busy — but we also know it’s hard to be your best when you’re not feeling well. Your Horizon Care Navigator can help.

Blue365 Discounts

We’re proud to present the next generation of Blue365, a new take on our valued program offering you exclusive health and wellness deals to keep you healthy and happy.