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Horizon Transplant Program

Organ and tissue donation gives transplant patients the possibility of having a normal, healthy life. The Horizon Transplant Program is available to help donors, recipients and their families, when dealing with a condition that needs a transplant. We can help you find quality specialty care from health care professionals designated as Blue Distinction® Centers for Transplants and provide additional support for you and your transplant donor through Horizon's Case Management Program.

What are Blue Distinction Centers for Transplants?

In 2019, local Blue Plans invited hospitals across the country to be considered for the Blue Distinction Centers for Transplants Program¹. These hospitals' transplant programs were evaluated on objective, transparent Selection Criteria with Quality, Business and Cost of Care components. Designation as a BDC for Transplants differentiates hospitals locally, as well as nationally, and includes two levels of designation:

  • Blue Distinction Centers (BDC): Hospitals recognized for their expertise in delivering specialty care.
  • Blue Distinction Centers+ (BDC+): Hospitals recognized for their expertise and cost-efficiency in delivering specialty care.

To date, 166 hospitals have been designated as Blue Distinction Centers for Transplants, representing more than 623 organ-specific transplant programs across the country.

Blue Distinction Centers for Transplants offer quality designations for nine transplant types:

  • Adult Heart
  • Adult Lung (deceased and living donor)
  • Adult Liver (deceased and living donor)
  • Adult Kidney (deceased and living donor)
  • Adult Bone Marrow/Stem Cell (autologous and allogeneic)
  • Pediatric Heart
  • Pediatric Liver
  • Pediatric Kidney
  • Pediatric Bone Marrow/Stem Cell (autologous and allogeneic)