Suburban Propane Health & Wellness Initiative

The Suburban Propane Wellness program continues to focus on the importance of developing and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, regardless of your age. A very high percentage of older Americans today have at least one chronic condition that affects their ability to lead an active life. Most of these chronic diseases develop over the course of 30-40 years as a result of unhealthy habits. Three behaviors—poor diet, lack of exercise and smoking—are the primary causes of the nation’s leading chronic diseases: heart disease, some cancers, stroke and diabetes. Changing these behaviors greatly reduces your risk of developing a chronic disease. Lowering health risks can impact healthcare costs for all of us!

We will continue with Suburban’s Live Well program. Employees will earn points by making healthy behavior choices, such as scheduling a preventive screening or annual physical with their physician, or understanding the effects of smoking. The program also encourages employees, to read/view educational articles/videos to help achieve personal wellness goals and improve long—term health.

Suburban Propane’s goal for this voluntary initiative is to change the thinking of our employees and to place awareness and prevention at the center of our employees’ health priorities rather than treating diseases as they occur. This will enable our employees to control their health and their health care spending. We encourage our employees to include their family in any healthy initiatives they begin.

Additional information about this initiative can be found on Suburban’s intranet on the Live Well Program page of HR Connections. Should you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Suburban’s HR Service Center at 1-800-330-5440.