SimplyWell Condition Management

SimplyWell also administers Suburban’s Condition Management program. The SimplyWell Condition Management (CM) program gives you a better understanding of what you’re up against and provides you with a condition-specific care plan that helps you identify any gaps in care that you might have and offers guidelines for appropriate lifestyle and behavior modifications. Numerous online resources and a dedicated Health Coach provide useful tips and guidance to help you discover new ways to meet your daily challenges. This program is not meant to replace your physician’s treatment plan. If you manage more than one long-term condition, a SimplyWell Health Coach can assist you in managing your conditions. Additional information about this program can be found on Suburban’s intranet on the Live Well Program page of HR Connections or by logging onto Live Well Program website. You may also reach out to your Health Coach by calling the SimplyWell Health Center at 1-888-848-3723.