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Lyme Disease: Battling a Small but Dangerous Foe

As the temperature warms, you’re more likely to spend time outdoors. But being outdoors, especially in wooded or grassy areas, increases your exposure to ticks, and possibly Lyme disease. So before you take that hike or kick the soccer ball around, find out how you can protect yourself.

Using Social Media Safely During COVID-19

Three tips for using social media in a way that can help minimize potential negative effects.

Why Are You So Tired?

If you're chronically tired, you've probably tried to solve your sleep troubles on your own. But what if your exhaustion is a symptom of something more serious?

Fido to the Rescue

How having a pet can benefit your health

Eight Ways to Be Healthier at Work

Do you feel you have to choose between living a healthy lifestyle and being productive at work? Not necessarily—you can integrate small steps into your day that can add up to big results.

Are You too Attached to Your Technology?

Do you spend too much time using a phone, tablet or computer? If you cannot control how often or intensely you use your device — even when you know the negative consequences — you might need to make some adjustments.

Arthritis – Not a Sign of Aging

Pain, stiffness and swelling around the joints may be an obvious symptom of arthritis, but it is not a normal part of aging. In fact, more than half of US adults with arthritis are between 18 and 64 years of age, and 60 percent of them are women.

Have a Chronic Condition? Know Your Stroke Risk

Stroke can happen to anyone. But if you have a chronic condition, your stroke risk may increase, and that’s all the more reason you should talk to your doctor.

How Much Do You Know About Preventing Cancer?

Do you know how to lower your risk of common types of cancer? Take this quiz to get some insight.

Your Bones are Counting on You

Contrary to common belief, osteoporosis and the broken bones it can cause are not part of normal aging. There are steps you can take at any age to prevent this bone disease and protect your overall bone health.