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Find a Doctor

We’ll help you find the care you need.

If you need to find a doctor, specialist or a hospital that participates in one of our networks, our Doctor & Hospital Finder is available 24/7. Our Doctor & Hospital FinderDoctor & Hospital Finder makes it easy to find a health care professional who matches your needs. You can even create your own directory, view street maps and get door-to-door directions.

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) doctor offices Everside Health (formerly Paladina Health and R-Health), and Sanitas Medical Center provide eligible services with no out-of-pocket costs to eligible SHBP/SEHBP members who receive care from a DPC office. Members with Horizon HMO, a NJ DIRECT high deductible plan or who have Medicare as their primary insurance are not eligible to enroll. Learn more about DPC offices.

  Doctor & Hospital Finder


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Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey gives you access to online tools to help you manage your health care. With our Online Doctor & Hospital Finder, it’s easy to find an in-network doctor, hospital, dentist or other health care professional — and customize your search to suit your needs.

[Video transitions to the Doctor & Hospital Finder on a laptop screen. The screens transition to demonstrate features of the site as the narrator speaks about them.]

To get started, go to and select the type of health care professional you’re looking for under Category. Options include:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Vision Services
  • Hospitals
  • and other Health Care Services, including radiologists, laboratories and more.

Next, select the plan name found on your member ID card, or the plan you’re thinking about enrolling in, and enter a ZIP code or city and state. You can select up to five specialties or enter the last name of a specific doctor you are looking for. You can also search for doctors affiliated with a group practice or hospital. When you’re done, click Search.

You can filter your results by the office’s distance, in miles of radius, from your ZIP code, gender, languages spoken, and whether any of the listed healthcare professionals are accepting new patients. You can also exclude doctors who are leaving your plan’s network within 120 days.

Click View Profile to read group and hospital affiliations for any of the listed health care professionals. Some doctors have multiple offices, so be sure you’re looking at the office location that works for you.

To search for specific hospitals, select Hospitals under the Category dropdown menu on the main page. Select your plan, then enter a ZIP code or city, state and/or county. There is also an option to search for a specific hospital by name in the dropdown menu.

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Thank you for choosing Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Our members have access to a broad network of doctors, hospitals, dentists and other health care professionals who can help you get the high-quality care you need, when you need it.

Everside Health and Sanitas Medical Center are independent companies that support Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey in providing comprehensive primary care, urgent care and preventive care services to eligible members of the State Health Benefits Program/School Employees’ Health Benefits Program.

Finding Care Outside of New Jersey

If your plan has the BlueCard® Program, you’re covered when you need care across the United States. Check your member ID card for the suitcase logo, which shows you are eligible for BlueCard.

Find a Doctor Outside of New Jersey

We’ll help you find the care you need.

Urgent Care Centers

Our Urgent Care Centers provide immediate, quality medical care to members as an alternative to visiting the Emergency Room (ER).

Blue Distinction Program

The Blue Distinction Program integrates performance measures focusing on appropriateness of care and patient safety into a national framework for improving hospital-based care delivery.

Know Your Care Options

When you need care in a hurry, an Emergency Room (ER) may not be the best choice.