OMNIA℠ Health Plan

The OMNIA Health Plan offers comprehensive coverage and the flexibility to choose doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals from New Jersey’s largest network.

  • More than 49,500 doctors and 82 hospitals in 100 convenient locations across New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania and Delaware.1
  • Nationwide access to over 1.3 million providers1 in our BlueCard® PPO program.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core, when traveling abroad.
  • No referrals and no need to choose a Primary Care Physician.

Doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals are designated as OMNIA Tier 1 or Tier 2.


Choose from more than 36,000 OMNIA Tier 1 doctors1 and some of the state’s leading hospitals for lower copayments, lower out-of-pocket costs and no deductibles.


You have access to an additional 13,000 doctors and 45 additional hospitals in New Jersey.1 BlueCard participating doctors and hospitals are covered at the Tier 2 level of benefits.

By enrolling in the OMNIA Health Plan for Plan Year 2020, State Health Benefit Program (SHBP) subscribers may receive a $1,0002 incentive.

All plans include:

  • Well Care and Preventive Care: Services such as annual physical and gynecological exams, well baby/child medical care, immunizations and annual vision exams are covered 100% when using an in-network doctor.
  • Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder: Counseling services are covered for mental/nervous conditions and alcohol/substance use disorder.
  • Horizon Health Guides: Your Horizon Health Guide can help with all your health care needs: answering questions, making medical appointments, solving issues, helping with claims, finding care, even making health and wellness benefit suggestions tailored to you. And we’ll help you manage a chronic health condition. Coming in February!
  • Telemedicine: Talk to a doctor 24/7/365 using Horizon CareOnline℠.
  • Health Programs: Registered nurses help you manage a chronic or complex health condition.
  • Precious Additions®: A prenatal education program supported by My Health Manager®, powered by WebMD®, gives you access to online tools and resources.

Your health plan may also include care outside of NJ through these options:

Check your member ID card or refer to your benefit booklet for specific out-of-pocket costs, benefit information and exclusions.