Retired members of the State Health Benefits Program or School Employees’ Health Benefits Program can get comprehensive dental benefits and low out-of-pocket costs with Horizon Dental Choice, the DPO from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. With Horizon Dental Choice, your plan includes:

✓ No deductible
✓ No copayments for preventive services
✓ Affordable copayments for Basic, Major and Specialty services with at least 12 months of prior dental coverage

More Flexibility and Convenience

Need to see a specialist for an eligible major service? It’s no problem with a referral from your Primary Care Dentist! Plus, each family member on your plan can choose his or her own Primary Care Dentist from the Horizon Dental Choice network.

It’s easy to enroll in HDC

  1. Complete the Retired Coverage Enrollment Application from your former employer or download it.
  2. Fill in the form by checking Horizon BCBSNJ in the Dental Coverage section and providing the name of your selected Primary Care Dentist.
  3. Return completed form to your personnel office or to NJ Division of Pensions and Benefit’s address listed on the application.