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Dental Plans

Horizon Dental plans offer comprehensive coverage with low, out-of-pocket costs.

Horizon Dental Choice is one of your SHBP/SEHBP Dental Plan Organization (DPO) options.

Horizon Dental Choice has an extensive network of skilled, credentialed dentists and specialists. Horizon Dental Choice offers no copayments for preventive and most basic services, no deductible, no annual maximums and no claim forms. And you may pay less out of your paycheck for the Horizon Dental Choice compared to other dental plans.

Horizon Dental Choice offers:

  • Affordable copays for eligible services and specialty care.

  • Comprehensive coverage to help maintain overall health.

  • Peace of mind knowing you're covered.

It's easy to find a dentist, so be sure to select a network dentist. In the search tool, enter the name of your dental plan (Horizon Dental Choice) and search for a dentist convenient to you.