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Achieve your best health & earn rewards with NJWELL

NJWELL rewards eligible members and their covered spouses/partners for completing health and wellness activities. Earn 800 points between November 1 and October 31 each year and you’ll get a Visa® Prepaid card worth $250 or more.

  NJWell: Working for a Healthy New Jersey

You want to live a healthy life, so you get your annual check-up and exercise when you can. But you know there’s more you can do. Let NJWELL help you get on track. You can earn a VISA® gift card worth $250 or more when you reach 800 points with NJWELL. And it’s easy to earn points. Take the online health assessment. Get a health screening. Then choose from dozens of online and coaching activities related to fitness, physical and emotional health, social interaction and finances to reach 800 points. You’ll have to earn points from each category to earn your reward. Once you earn 800 points, you’ll get a Visa prepaid card worth $250 or more. The value is based on your health plan. Start earning points now at