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Horizon Health Guide

Your experience just got better. Introducing convenience and support like never before.

Introducing Horizon Health Guide for SHBP/SEHBP Members


[Music plays while text appears on screen to explain the features of Horizon Health Guide for SHBP/SEHBP members.]

[Video starts with the Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and the New Jersey Division of Pensions & Benefits logos. Transitions to a woman playing with a toddler.]

SHBP & SEHBP Members, your health plan just got better — a whole lot better. This year we’re not only delivering our best benefits, we’re delivering a whole new level of service and care.

[Transitions to line art of a telephone representative followed by several transitions to multiple telephone representatives speaking into headsets.]

Introducing Horizon Health Guide, tailored concierge service for all your benefits and care needs. Available by phone or chat to answer questions, solve issues, coordinate your care, and getting to know your needs.

[Transitions to solid color screen where each sentence is given focus.]

Your Horizon Health Guide knows your benefits.

Doctors are available 24/7 by video online.

You can earn up to $500 a year with NJWELL.

Innovative new programs for:

  • Diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • And more

[Transitions to a series of split screens with telephone representatives, a man looking at a claims statement with his mobile phone up to his ear, a woman speaking into a phone, and a representative responding to a live chat using a desktop computer.]

They’ll get to know you. They’ll recommend programs and connect you to care for your specific health needs. Any issue you’re having, they’ll make it their own. and stay with you every step of the way.

[Transitions to a series of online chats.]

Member question: “I have questions about my benefits for diabetes.”

Horizon Health Guide response: “I can walk you through them and tell you about our new diabetes program.”

Member question: “My daughter has an eating disorder.”

Horizon Health Guide response: “I’m here to help you get her the support she needs.”

Member question: “I’m pregnant! Can you tell me what’s covered?”

Horizon Health Guide response: “Congrats! Let’s go over your maternity benefits and our free services for moms and babies.”

[Transitions to a telephone representative speaking into a headset.]

Best of all, you can work with the same person.

[Transitions to solid color screen.]

It’s health care that’s connected, tailored, simple, easy, convenient and all about you.

Meet your Horizon Health Guide.

Call 1-800-414-7427

Download the Horizon Blue app to chat today or log in at

Your Horizon Health Guide can help you and your covered dependents with:

  • Understanding your benefits
  • Making doctors’ appointments
  • Claims and billing questions
  • Everyday health concerns
  • Transferring medical records

We know you’re busy — but we also know it’s hard to be your best when you’re not feeling well. Your Horizon Health Guide can help you with: