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A program to support our members managing serious mental health issues and substance use disorders. If you’re coping with a serious mental illness or substance use disorder, our Integrated System of Care (ISC) program may be able to help. The ISC program connects your behavioral health care with your primary health care and social needs.

Our ISC program is built upon the belief that all three of these components must be addressed in order for a person to achieve long-term recovery and remission.

This program brings together the resources you need to get you on the road to recovery. Through the ISC program, you will have access to medical, behavioral and social services in a more convenient and coordinated way. We bring together your specialists, primary doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist and more, to offer greater support for your emotional and physical well-being.

Asking for help can be challenging, but you’re not alone.

Call 1-800-991-5579, 24/7.

The dedicated Horizon Behavioral Health care team will work with you, your family, caretakers and doctors to make sure you get the most from your benefits to get the treatment and support you need.

You can also find a behavioral health professional online.

The ISC program connects all of your behavioral and physical health care professionals, and social services. The ISC program is currently available in Burlington, Camden, Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean counties in New Jersey, and will be expanding to all of New Jersey by 2022.