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Direct Primary Care Doctor Offices

Update: R-Health DPCMH provider office locations are now part of the Everside Health group.

Do you want unlimited access to personalized care with no copays? Simply choose a Direct Primary Care (DPC) doctor from Everside Health (formerly Paladina Health and R-Health), or Sanitas Medical Center. Each office offers a full range of services including preventive, urgent and sick care, health and wellness coaching, chronic disease management, and care coordination for you and your covered dependents.

Members with Horizon HMO or a NJ DIRECT high deductible plan or who have Medicare as their primary insurance are not eligible to enroll in a DPC doctor office.

Visit each website to learn more:

Everside Health and Sanitas Medical Center are independent companies that support Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey in providing comprehensive primary care, urgent care and preventive care services to eligible members of the State Health Benefits Program/School Employees’ Health Benefits Program.