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Sleep Study Program

The Sleep Study Program helps your doctor make better informed decisions about your treatment. The Program includes outpatient and home sleep testing and therapy. If you require sleep testing, your doctor will contact AIM. Depending on your medical condition, you may be asked to complete the sleep study in your home. Home sleep studies provide the added benefit of reflecting your normal sleep pattern while sleeping in the comfort of your own bed versus going to an out-patient facility for the test.

As part of this Program, your doctor will contact AIM and AIM will work with your doctor on one or more of the following when necessary:

  • Home sleep tests (HST).
  • In-lab sleep studies (polysomnography or PSG, a recording of changes during sleep).
  • Titration studies (to determine the right air pressure you need to keep your airways open).
  • Treatment orders for equipment and supplies, including positive airway pressure devices (APAP, CPAP, BPAP), oral devices and related supplies.

If you need continued treatment, AIM will review your care quarterly with your doctor to assure that you are receiving appropriate care and that the services you receive are consistent with evidence based medical criteria. Your equipment supplier or your doctor will be asked to provide ongoing information to AIM to ensure that your treatment remains in line with those criteria so that your claims for those services will be covered consistent with your health plan benefits.