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AbleTo Support Program

You have access to tools and support programs to help you manage your emotional health.

It’s normal to feel sad, anxious or stressed at times. You can improve your emotional and physical health in eight-week programs with AbleTo. Connect with licensed and accredited professionals, one or two times a week, over the phone or online. You can also choose self-paced digital programs with the support of a coach.

With AbleTo, you’ll get:

  • A personalized virtual program to improve your emotional health and well being
  • Support from a licensed therapist, accredited coach or both
  • Appointments at times that work best for you, from the comfort of your home
  • A new set of skills that can make it easier to enjoy life more

Meet 1-on-1 with a licensed therapist to help you manage overwhelming feelings, set and reach personal goals, and recharge your mood and overall outlook on life.

You may get a letter or phone call from AbleTo to participate. You can also schedule your first visit online or call 1-866-287-1802.

If you have a High-Deductible Health Plan and a Health Savings Account, you may need to pay your deductible. If you are enrolled in another health plan, there are no out-of-pocket costs for this program.

AbleTo, Inc. and AbleTo, Inc.’s subsidiary, AbleTo Behavioral Health Services PC, are independently contracted by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to provide remote behavioral health support services. AbleTo, Inc. and AbleTo Behavioral Health Services PC are independent from and not affiliated with Horizon.