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Dental Plans

Horizon Dental plans offer comprehensive coverage with low, out-of-pocket costs.

Employees have the option of enrolling in one of the following dental plans.

Horizon Dental Option Base Plan and Buy-Up Plan

These plans use the Horizon Dental Option or PPO-networks (in NJ) and National Grid Plus (outside of NJ), although you may choose any fully licensed dentist to render necessary services.

Each time you access dental services you decide whether to use an in-network provider, which will limit your out-of-pocket expense, or use any out-of-network provider and still receive plan benefits.

If you have any questions regarding your benefits, you may contact the Horizon Dental Customer Service Department at 1-844-209-4715.

Dental Choice (DHMO)

This plan uses the Horizon Dental Choice network and all care must be provided by Horizon Dental Choice network providers. There are set copayments for services and no annual deductibles or maximums for covered benefits. You must select a primary dentist for each family member in the Horizon Dental Choice network if you enroll in this plan.

Initial primary dentists will be assigned by Horizon, however you will have the ability to select another dentist once per month.

You may select a primary dentist via the online enrollment site or by contacting the Horizon Dental customer service team at 1-844-209-4715. Employees selecting Horizon Dental Choice DHMO will not be able to call in or make a provider selection until after their enrollment has been processed.

Please note: Primary dentist selections made by the 21st of one month will become effective the first of the following month.