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Electronic Supplemental Data File Feed

How to Submit Data Using Electronic Clinical Data Systems (ECDS) Templates

The electronic supplemental data file feed is an NCQA®-approved method to share members' clinical data electronically. You can generate supplemental data files directly from your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for the following measures:

Measurement Year 2023 Accepted Quality Measures
Controlling High Blood Pressure (CBP)
Blood Pressure Control for Patients with Diabetes (BPD)
Breast Cancer Screenings (BCS)
Cervical Cancer Screenings (CCS)
Chlamydia Screening in Women (CHL)
Childhood Immunization Status (CIS)
Colorectal Cancer Screening (COL)
Care of Older Adults (COA) Medication Review/Pain Assessment
Eye Exam for Patients with Diabetes (EED)
Hemoglobin A1c Control for Diabetes (HBD)
Immunizations for Adolescents (IMA)
Kidney Health Evaluation for Patients with Diabetes (KED)
Lead Screening for Children (LSC)
Transitions of Care (TRC) Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge (MRP)
Osteoporosis Management in Women who Had a Fracture (OMW) Bone Mineral Density Testing (BMD)
Prenatal and Postpartum Care (PPC)
Well-Child Visits in the First 30 Months of Life (W30) – Rate 1: 0 to 15 months; Rate 2: 15 to 30 months
Weight Assessment and Counseling for Children – BMI Percentile (WCCBMI)
Weight Assessment and Counseling for Nutrition – Children/Adolescents (WCCN)
Weight Assessment and Counseling for Physical Activity – Children/Adolescents (WCCP)
Child and Adolescent Well-Care Visits (WCV)

Please follow the instructions below to submit data from your EMR.

Submission Requirements

  • For the ECDS file, all quality measures can be included in one file.
  • Please use the .xls file format. This is an NCQA guideline – no exceptions.
  • All Excel files must populate directly from your EMR with no manual entry. All data must be submitted in the exact format of the template and populated into the file. You cannot copy and paste or type in the cells.
  • Naming convention for files must follow the format:
    • ABCMEDGroup_EHR_SupData_ECDS_Layout_mmddyyyy
  • With the first submission of ECDS files, please submit screenshots that show how you generated the report from your EMR system. If your EMR vendor generates the files, please ask for their methodology or coding.
  • Submit the files via:

Audit Requirements

  • For initial ECDS, an initial audit is required.
  • We will randomly audit a percentage of each measure to validate the data.
  • Medical records will be requested to validate the audit for the random sample. Medical records may be screenshots or progress notes to validate the file. All data points must be present in the medical record for it to be compliant.
  • Once the audit is complete and approved, the ECDS data will close HEDIS gaps for the above measures without additional supplemental medical records. Performance reports and gap lists will reflect the gaps closed within 60 to 90 days.
  • Once an audit is successful, subsequent files for the approved measure can be submitted monthly or quarterly.
  • If updates or changes are made to the provider EMR system after the completion of an audit, you must email Horizon at
  • Horizon reserves the right to perform additional audits as needed to validate mapping.
  • For questions or additional information about this process, email