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Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for our physicians and other health care professionals make it easy for you to do business with us over the phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, generally including weekends and holidays. Simply call 1-800-624-1110.

You will need your Tax Identification Number (TIN), National Provider Identifier (NPI) or Medicare ID number. Once you have entered your TIN, NPI, or Medicare ID number to authenticate, you will be directed to the main menu. You can say the below-referenced prompts or use your phone keypad to press the number associated with the following prompts:

  1. Claims to check the status of a claim. Fax-back and call reference numbers are available with this prompt.
  2. Eligibility and Benefits to verify eligibility and benefits for your patients enrolled in Horizon and Braven Health℠ plans. After the eligibility information is given, callers will be given the option to say Check Benefits to transfer to an agent to receive benefit information. Fax-back and call reference numbers are available with this prompt.
  3. Authorization to check if an authorization is needed for services, including radiology and durable medical equipment; hear the status of an authorization; and obtain a new, or modify an existing authorization.
  4. Referral to create a new referral or check the status of an existing referral. Fax-back is available with this prompt.
  5. Duplicate Vouchers to request a fax-back of a duplicate voucher.

The following links provide detailed instructions for referrals and using the IVR system effectively.

Referral Process

Effective Use of the Voice Response System