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Introduction to Health Plan CAHPS

Introduction to Health Plan CAHPS


You've likely heard of CAHPS®,the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems.

CAHPS® surveys play a critical role as a quality improvement tool and measure of the patient experience.

Your organization is likely measured by either the Clinician & Group CAHPS® or Hospital CAHPS® surveys,

but did you know you are being evaluated for the Health Plan CAHPS® as well?

The Medicare Health Plan CAHPS® is a 68-question survey conducted by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (or CMS)

and sent to randomly selected Medicare patients from March through May of each year.

Patients answer questions about their experience with their healthcare provider as well as their health plan over the previous 6 months.

70% of the CAHPS® survey is about how patients perceive their care from health care professionals, and only 30% deals with the health plan.

Therefore, every interaction is an opportunity to provide exceptional service every time.

Patients respond to questions about their perception of care as it relates to:

How easy it is for them to access care from their providers

How well their doctor’s office coordinates their care

How effective their doctors and office staff communicate with them

and lastly, their overall experience, which includes rating their health plan.

At Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, we want to help your team improve and enhance CAHPS® performance.

So how do you go from good to great?

With the CAHPS® Coaching program, a free benefit to your organization!

Your CAHPS® coach is an expert in designing tactical, evidence-based initiatives that will support your organization to:

Improve overall CAHPS® performance

Drive results towards achieving your patient experience goals

Build stronger relationships with your patients and co-workers

and increase engagement of patients, providers, and employees.

Working together makes us strong,

so we can be here for your patients and our members when they need us—now and always.

To learn more and join the CAHPS® Coaching Program, contact us today.