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TurningPoint Safety and Quality Award Program

Eligible specialists may participate in the TurningPoint Safety and Quality Award Program. This reward-based program provides an incentive when your patients have fewer complications, infections, hospital readmissions and Emergency Room visits following their surgical procedures, as well as reduced out-of-pocket costs associated with their surgery.

Orthopedic specialists already are eligible for this program. Beginning September 1, 2023, spine specialists will also be eligible to participate.

You must opt-in to the Safety and Quality Award Program to receive a quality award bonus payment. Award payments are calculated based on the performance of the surgeons within your orthopedic practice/group, and the following criteria must be met for each surgical procedure:

  • Quality & Safety
  • Infection & Risk Management
  • Site of Service Optimization
  • Procedure Documentation Standards

Payment levels are categorized by type of service and based on your practice/group’s ability to demonstrate consistent use of the program’s best practice standards.

For more information or to register for this program, email or call TurningPoint Provider Relations at 1-866-422-0800.