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E-Prescribing & Incentives

Safe and effective electronic prescribing tools

As a regional supporter of the National E-Prescribing Patient Safety Initiative℠ (NEPSI), Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey serves as the conduit for organizations in New Jersey interested in adopting NEPSI's free eRx solution, eRx NOW™ from Allscripts™.

This software enables simple, safe and secure eRx powered by the same leading-edge Allscripts technology used by more than 20,000 physicians to write millions of electronic prescriptions each year.

Horizon BCBSNJ works with NEPSI to ensure simple and quick access to eRx NOW, which is free, requires no download and no new hardware.

Incentives for providers using e-prescribe technology

The Electronic Prescribing (eRx) Incentive Program is a reporting program that uses a combination of incentive payments and payment adjustments to encourage electronic prescribing by eligible professionals with Medicare Part B patients.

To learn more about this program, visit the E-Prescribing Incentive Program section of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website.

Network physicians who have implemented an approved electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) tool or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) tool, may also be eligible for discounts on the medical malpractice insurance premiums offered to them by the medical malpractice insurance carriers identified below.

Horizon BCBSNJ network physicians, who are insured by one of the following carriers, may be eligible for discounts. For more information, please call:

  • Princeton Insurance Company
    Jonathan Lazar, at 1-609-951-5872.
  • MDAdvantage Insurance Company of New Jersey
    Anita Diodata, at 1-888-355-5551, extension 1306.
  • Conventus Inter-Insurance Exchange
    Deena Mash, at 1-877-444-0484, extension 391 or
    Theresa Lawrence, at 1-877-444-0484, extension 374.
  • New Jersey Physician United Reciprocal Exchange (NJPURE)
    Joanna Elias, at 1-877-265-7873, extension 7432.
  • Healthcare Providers Insurance Exchange
    Beth Weissman, at 1-609-631-2506, or
    Pat Bruno, at 1-609-631-2503.

Other benefits of e-prescribe technology

E-prescribe technology allows participating physicians to:

  • Reduce pharmacy calls by reviewing our drug formulary at the point of care.
  • Print computerized, legible prescriptions in the office or send prescriptions directly to a pharmacy from a PDA or a web-enabled device.
  • Download patient names and demographic data from practice management systems to an e-prescribing solution.
  • Receive and review pharmacy renewals.
  • Review information for approximately 4,000 formularies on a PDA or a web-enabled device.

Allscripts is an independent company that does not provide Horizon BCBSNJ products or services. Allscripts is solely responsible for the e-prescribing services above.