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How to Identify BlueCard Members

BlueCard Identification Cards

BlueCard members are easily identified by their ID cards. Ask to see the member's ID card at each visit and share this information with your billing staff. Review these ID cards for the telephone number of the member's "home" Plan, claim filing addresses or for other instructions.

There are three ID card elements you should look for to identify a BlueCard member:

Plan logo

The presence of another Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield's Plan logo on the member's ID card is the first visual indicator that a member may be eligible for BlueCard benefits.

Alpha prefix

The alpha prefix on the member’s ID card is the key element used to identify the Plan to which the member belongs and to correctly route claims. It is critical to confirm membership, eligibility and coverage. If there is no prefix on a member’s ID card, that member is not eligible for benefits through the BlueCard program.

Suitcase logo

Members whose ID cards display the PPO in the suitcase logo and are traveling or reside outside their Plan’s service area receive PPO-level benefits when they need services from participating physicians and other health care professionals.

Members whose ID cards display the blank suitcase logo may be enrolled in a product other than PPO.

Members whose ID cards do not display a suitcase logo are excluded from receiving benefits through the BlueCard Program.