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An inquiry is a verbal or written request for administrative action or information, or an expression of opinion or comment regarding any aspect of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey’s (or its subsidiaries’ or affiliates’) (collectively, Horizon BCBSNJ) health care plans, or those of its Administrative Service Only (ASO) accounts*.

Examples of inquiries include, but are not limited to, questions regarding eligibility of members, benefits or a particular claim’s status. To speed our ability to assign, investigate and resolve your inquiries, please complete and submit the appropriate request form.

Inquiry Request and Adjustment Form (579)
Inquiry Request Fax Form – Professional (2187)
Inquiry Request Fax Form – Institutions/Facilities (9611)
Inquiry Request Fax Form – Hematology/Oncology Practices (5275)
FEP Inquiry Request Fax Form (3069)

* Certain ASO accounts handle inquiries and complaints related to their self-insured plans. In such cases, Horizon BCBSNJ will refer you to the proper person or office for you to pursue your inquiry or complaint.

Please refer to the appropriate Horizon BCBSNJ manual for additional information on Inquiries.