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Claim Submission Instructions

Electronic filing

Horizon BCBSNJ strongly encourages the electronic submission of your claims and other supported HIPAA transactions. This time-saving feature decreases your paperwork and reduces payment errors, ensuring quick payment for you. The suite of electronically acceptable claims includes primary claims, secondary claims and adjustments. Use the appropriate payor ID listed below when you submit claims through your vendor.

  • Horizon BCBSNJ’s payor ID: 22099.
  • Braven Health’s payor ID: 84367

Paper filing

Although we recommend electronic filing, you may occasionally need to submit your payment requests on paper. For best results, please use a red-lined CMS 1500 or UB 04 form instead of a black and white copy. Please enter data using a computer/typewriter; do not submit handwritten data.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting claims: