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Sharing patient information with health apps

We’re required to meet the federal government’s Interoperability and Patient Access Mandate for Medicare Advantage and NJ FamilyCare (Medicaid) members. This means we must provide data to an application programming interface, or API, so application developers can create Apps that members can use to view their health information. The data includes information from our provider directory as well as information about our members’ health histories, including claims data and information about your interactions with our members.

Why interoperability is important to you and your patients

While there have been many advances in health care technology, different health information systems still can’t easily connect with each other. This makes it harder for you and other health care professionals to share information, and for patients — regardless of health insurance carrier — to view their health records in one place. And not having this information available in one place can be a barrier to helping patients get quality, affordable care.

The goal of interoperability is to fix this problem and help health information systems work together to benefit patients.

About the mandate

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Interoperability and Patient Access Mandate establishes policies that:

  • Break down barriers to help patients more easily access and view their health information
  • Improve data exchange and promote innovations in care
  • Make it easier for you to share information with other providers

In 2021, the interoperability mandate focuses on two components:

  • Provider directory: Making it easier to find in-network health care professionals
  • Patient access: Combining a patient’s information from many care partners in one place

If you would like more information, please read the CMS fact sheet.

Published on: July 1, 2021, 17:42 p.m. ET
Last updated on: June 29, 2021, 17:50 p.m. ET