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COVID-19 Safety Checklist for Health Care Practices

Since the COVID-19 public health emergency started, medical practices are taking precautionary and preventive actions to keep patients, visitors and staff safe. Patients may be nervous to come to your practice in this environment. You can refer to this checklist as a resource for best practices to ensure everyone’s safety as the COVID-19 public health emergency continues.

  • Communicate with patients to prepare them for their office visit.
  • Require everyone to wear a mask.
  • Place signage at your entrances and waiting areas informing patients and visitors of your health safety policies.
  • Have patients call the office at arrival and wait in their cars until they can be seen by a health care professional.
  • Screen everyone for body temperature and exposure to COVID-19.
  • Provide personal protection equipment to doctors and masks for staff.
  • Require everyone to wash hands.
  • Place alcohol based hand sanitizer throughout the facility.
  • Maintain social and physical distancing requirements. Place chairs six feet apart in waiting areas.
  • Restrict visitors unless absolutely medically necessary to accompany a patient.
  • Decrease time spent in waiting room.
  • Clean and disinfect all areas of the facility multiple times a day.
  • Offer extended hours so that there is a lower volume of patients in the office at any given time.
  • Place travel restrictions on doctors and staff, and require that they advise management if they have visited high-risk locations.
  • Remind patients who are high risk, such as seniors, that telemedicine visits are an option for certain services.
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