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Feature Stories

Learn more about our collaborations with providers in our networks.

Pregnancy-Newborn Episodes of Care Program: Helping to Improve Outcomes for Moms and Newborns

Axia Women's Health participates in a Horizon program that is helping improve maternal health and pregnancy outcomes for its Horizon patients, including their underserved patients with limited access to quality care.

As Mental Health Needs Continue To Rise, So Do Innovative Virtual Services

The increase in the number of people experiencing mental health issues since the COVID-19 public health emergency is fueling fast-paced innovations and solutions in virtual behavioral health care.

Treat Knee, Back, and Hip Pain with Orthotic Device that Helps Avoid Invasive Procedures

Non-surgical treatment for knee pain, hip pain and back pain is now available to Horizon members in the form of Apos®, an innovative orthotic shoe.

Horizon Neighbors in Health Program Supports Struggling Families

June (not her real name) and her family faced multiple hardships. In stepped Horizon Neighbors in Health Program, which helped the family get the support it needed.

Bariatric Surgery Value-Based Program Helps Members with Weight Loss

Horizon and the New York Bariatric Group have developed an innovative Bariatric Surgery Value-Based Program that makes weight-loss surgery more convenient and successful for Horizon members.

Dental Providers Benefit from Dedicated Horizon Liaisons

In today's world of digital customer service, it's often difficult to reach a customer service representative, and this can be a problem for providers.

Connecting with parents on the importance of early childhood health screenings and vaccinations

We know that it can be a challenge for pediatricians to make sure their young patients get all their vaccinations and health screenings.

Episodes of Care Program Gives Cancer Patients the Care They Need

At Astera Cancer Care (Astera), a new Episodes of Care (EOC) program is transforming the way patients with certain complex cancers receive comprehensive cancer care.

HealthSphere gives a behavioral health provider the full patient view

Patients living with multiple health problems often have trouble understanding their medication, treatment and even their conditions. Many times, they lack health literacy and fail to communicate a complete picture of their health to their doctors.

Home-Delivered Meals Help Braven Health℠ Patients

Nutrition plays an important role in a patient's recovery, healing and management of a chronic condition after discharge from a hospital stay. Poor nutrition can hinder recovery and lead to hospital readmissions

Horizon Neighbors in Health Program Helps At-Risk Members in Camden

Jubril Oyeyemi, M.D., a Primary Care Physician in Camden, often treats patients who are dealing with life problems too big for a doctor alone to solve.

How a value-based primary care provider helps the New Jersey Vaccination Program

When news broke that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were approved for distribution, Vanguard Medical Group (Vanguard), a primary care practice with 10 offices in northern and central New Jersey, moved quickly to apply to the State to become a vaccine distribution center.

Improving Health Equity through Increased Access to Prenatal Care Across New Jersey

The goal of ensuring women have access to quality prenatal and pregnancy care is to improve pregnancy health outcomes.

Making Pathways in Innovating and Advancing Maternal Health

For expecting mothers, getting the right care and support is critically important during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. Doing so can help prevent and treat severe pregnancy-related complications.

Pharmacy Collaboration leads to better patient outcomes and cost savings

The saying “two heads are better than one” couldn't be more appropriate when explaining the success of the Pharmacy Collaboration between Atlantic Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in Morristown, N.J. and Horizon.

Providing Innovative Cancer Care - Expanding Episodes of Care

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, their whole life changes. Among the first things they must do is discuss treatment options with their doctor.

Telehealth after COVID-19 – Many doctors agree it's here to stay

As the COVID-19 public health emergency fades, most physicians and other clinicians say they will continue to use telehealth and develop remote patient care capabilities.

Value-based care -- transforming health care with better collaboration and improved health outcomes

Value-based models are the leaders in incentivizing providers to provide quality care, and with good reason.

When planning, collaboration and crisis merge - a medical practice's successful response to COVID-19

When the COVID-19 public health emergency hit New Jersey in 2020, Vanguard Medical Group (Vanguard), a primary care practice with 10 offices in northern and central New Jersey, was in a unique position to quickly adapt and respond to the crisis.