Health Outcomes

Hospital Readmissions

Studies have shown that reconciling medications post-discharge reduces readmission rates. Use these tips to help keep your patients from being readmitted to the hospital.

Medication Adherence

Easy access, low costs and understanding how and why to take prescriptions is key to patients using their medications as directed. Outlined below are several easy ways to educate your patients on how to access and adhere to medication instructions.

Physical and Mental Health

CMS conducts a Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) every year that is sent to a random sample of Medicare patients. The survey asks how they feel about their physical and mental health. The information below can guide your discussions with patients regarding their physical and mental health, and includes recommended screenings, activities and goal setting so you can help patients’ achieve their best health.

Tests & Screenings

It is important to your patient’s health to get all the screenings and tests you recommend. The information below can help increase patient compliance and close gaps in care.