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Understanding Your EOB

Learn more about what the information in an EOB means.

  Understanding Your EOB


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Each time you use your health plan to get care, you’ll get information about the claim your doctor submitted.

This information is called an “Explanation of Benefits”or EOB.

Your EOB gives you an overview of the claim, including who provided the care, how much was billed, how much your plan covered, and how much you may owe.

Your EOB also gives you detailed information about your claim.

This section lists additional information, including other insurance plan payments, if you have other coverage, and how much you are responsible for paying as a copay, coinsurance or deductible.

It also lists any “Amount Not Covered,” which may be costs billed by your doctor that are not covered by your plan.

All of these amounts are included in “What You Owe.”

Remember: Your EOB is not a bill, so don’t take out your checkbook just yet. Wait until you get a bill from your doctor to pay exactly what you owe.

You can view your EOBs, 24/7, by signing on to or the Horizon Blue app.

If you have a question about your benefits or your EOB, sign in to to email your question or chat with us, or give us a call. [1-800-355-BLUE (2583)]

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