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Horizon MyWay Debit Card

Remember to activate your debit cards when you receive them.

Your Horizon MyWay debit card will be funded with your full annual Health Care FSA election amount on January 1st, which is when you can start using your new debit cards for qualified health care expenses.

These debit cards will not work at retailers such as gas stations or restaurants—only at health care-related providers and only for eligible expenses.

There is no charge for additional debit cards. If you request another debit card, it will be issued in the name of an eligible dependent that you specify.

Save Your Receipts

The IRS requires that the Horizon MyWay debit card only be used for eligible expenses, and that we audit all transactions that cannot be verified as an eligible health care expense without additional documentation.

If this happens, we may mail you a request for an itemized receipt to verify the expense. Please follow the instructions in that request. All receipts must include:

  • The date of service
  • The patient’s name
  • The name of the provider
  • A description of services provided
  • The amount charged

Cancelled checks, handwritten receipts, debit/credit card transaction receipts or previous balance receipts cannot be used to verify an expense. Consider keeping your itemized receipts in one place so they are readily available if you receive a request.