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Hospital Advisor

Find hospitals that match your location, situation and preferences.

About the tool

Horizon BCBSNJ members can take control of their health care and feel more informed about their decisions. Use the Hospital Advisor tool to find the right hospital or care facility for you.

WebMD®’s vast database of hospitals nationwide makes it easy for members to search facilities by procedure or diagnosis, hospital name or location, and see how they rank in a number of different areas compared to other similar hospitals.

The Hospital Advisor tool is just one part of the robust My Health Manager suite available to Horizon BCBSNJ members. My Health Manager is a personalized, secure, and confidential resource powered by WebMD that delivers content and tools tailored specifically to each individual’s health needs and interests.

Who is eligible?

The Hospital Advisor tool is included with your Horizon BCBSNJ health plan membership at no extra cost.