My Health Manager

My Health Manager is a personalized, secure and confidential online tool that can empower our members to manage their health. My Health Manager's content is tailored specifically to their individual health needs and interests. It can be customized to include news feeds, articles and reminders, and members can take advantage of an online personal health record that gives them and their family the ability to store, manage and maintain health information in a centralized location.

On My Health Manager, you’ll find the following tools:

  • Health Assessment
    Powered by WebMD®, the confidential Health Assessment is designed to provide a current health snapshot and to help guide members toward improving their wellbeing.
  • Exercise program
    Encourages members to get moving, and then to track their progress. The structure of the program inspires consistency and accountability with the intent of helping them reach their fitness goals.
  • Nutrition program
    This program motivates you to eat better and identify which days you were able to stay “on track.” The journaling feature encourages consistency and accountability with the intent of helping you reach your nutrition goals.
  • Emotional health program
    A positive attitude means reduced risk for depression, more resilience, and more great days. Track moods and activities, get suggestions from WebMD® wellness coaches and connect with others will similar goals.
  • Stress management program
    Less stress means a better quality of life and less of the stress hormone, cortisol — which is linked to obesity, heart disease and metabolic syndrome. Members can track their stress level with the goal of lowering it by the end of the program.
  • Weight management program
    This program encourages members to set a weight-loss goal and reach it, but in a way that’s healthy and promotes long-term success.
  • Health topics
    Explore and research more than 160 health topics, including conditions, procedures and trends. You can also view wellness information from Horizon BCBSNJ.

Who is eligible?

My Health Manager is included with members’ Horizon BCBSNJ health plan membership at no extra cost.