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NJ Breastfeeding Mandate

This page provides information about coverage for lactation counseling and consultation, and for breastfeeding equipment.

Lactation Counseling and Consultation
You may be eligible for lactation counseling and consultation to help support your breastfeeding goals. Your OB/GYN, midwife, hospital or birth center can help you learn more about your options for breastfeeding support.

Breastfeeding Equipment
You may be eligible for the following breastfeeding equipment:

  1. Purchase of a single-user breast pump – may be manual or double electric.
    • No letter of medical necessity, prior authorization or prescription is required.
    • The pump will be repaired or replaced, if necessary.
  2. Rental of a multi-user (hospital-grade) breast pump on the recommendation of a licensed health care provider. A doctor’s order is required.
  3. Purchase of two breast pump kits, appropriate size breast pump flanges or other lactation accessories recommended by a health care provider per birth event.

Breastfeeding pump and supplies
To request your single-user standard model breast pump and supplies, please verify that your plan covers single-user breast pumps, then contact the following providers directly. Brands and models available vary by provider.

Provider Name How to order
Medela Call Call 1-877-320-2301 or visit:
AdaptHealth Call 1-855-567-8669
Acelleron Call 1-978-738-9800
Aeroflow Call 1-888-345-1780

To request your multi-user (hospital-grade) breast pump, please verify that your plan covers the hospital/institutional grade pump, then contact the following providers directly. A doctor’s order is required for a multi-user (hospital-grade) breast pump.

Provider Name How to order
Apria Healthcare Call 1-800-901-3566
Acelleron Call 1-978-738-9800

CareCentrix administers coverage
CareCentrix administers the coverage for your breastfeeding equipment. Call 1-855-243-3321 if you have questions about which pump to order or how to order your pump and supplies.

Please be aware that this is not a guarantee of payment. It is issued subject to the terms and limitations of the member’s benefit plan and the member being eligible at the time services are provided.