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Treatment Cost Estimator

Get the big picture on the costs and services associated with common tests, procedures, prescriptions and more.

About the tool

We want to help Horizon BCBSNJ members get the care they need, while making smart decisions. That’s why we’ve developed the Treatment Cost Estimator tool for use online or on your mobile device.

Using the Treatment Cost Estimator, you can get the big picture on the costs and services associated with an entire episode of care, from evaluation to surgery to follow-up visits, so you can understand what to expect both medically and financially.

The Treatment Cost Estimator doesn’t just provide insight into costs, it also allows you to view both professional and peer assessments as well as accreditations of doctors, facilities and other health care professionals.

Please note that all costs provided by this tool are estimates and may vary when claims are finalized.

Who is eligible?

The Treatment Cost Estimator tool is not yet available to all members. However, for those members who have access to it, there is no extra cost.

How to use

Please register or sign in to access the Treatment Cost Estimator.