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Horizon Pharmacy

Your Horizon BCBSNJ plan may include prescription coverage through the Horizon Pharmacy program. If so, you have access to comprehensive prescription coverage and several options for filling your prescriptions. We’re here to help you get the medicine you need to feel better and live well.

Generic Drugs

Generic drugs can be a safe and effective way to save money and help reduce rising health care costs.

Orally Administered Cancer Medication Coverage Law

Learn more about this legislation.

Home Delivery Pharmacy Service

Horizon BCBSNJ’s trusted home delivery pharmacy service, administered by PrimeMail®, lets you order 90-day supplies of medicine and have them mailed directly to your home.

Get home delivery and pay less with a 90-day supply

You can lower your costs and get your medicines delivered to your home from PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy, a full-service, in-network pharmacy, in user-friendly packaging at no additional cost to you.

Prescription Drug Lists

See if your medicines are covered, get pricing and learn about ways to save.

Specialty Rx

Specialty pharmaceuticals is a class of prescription drugs that are typically produced through biotechnology (sometimes known as biologicals) and require special patient monitoring and handling, in addition also require unique education prior to use.