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Our plans let you see thousands of doctors and other health professionals across New Jersey and in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. If you have BlueCard®, you can see doctors and other health care professionals throughout the country.

To find an in-network doctor near you, use our Doctor & Hospital Finder or the Horizon Blue app.

How Long You Should Wait

To help you get the care you need, when you need it, we have Physician Access Standards for in-network Primary Care Providers (PCPs) and OB/GYNs. When scheduling visits with these doctors, you can expect to be seen:

  • Emergency Care – Right away
  • Urgent Care – Within 24 Hours
  • Routine Care – Within Two Weeks
  • Annual Physical Exam – As soon as possible, but no longer than four months from when you call

When seeing an in-network doctor, you should be in the waiting room no longer than 30 minutes from the time of your scheduled visit or when you get to the office -- whichever is later.

If your wait is longer than 30 minutes, you should be given the choice to reschedule or keep waiting.