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Patient-Centered Pediatric Program

Our Patient-Centered Pediatric Program provides care that is personalized and specific to your child’s needs, available at no extra cost to you. You and your child can expect:

  • A better relationship with your doctor that allows for more personalized health care.
  • Improved coordination between doctors, office staff, specialists, pharmacists and Horizon BCBSNJ. You won’t have to repeat information to several doctors.
  • A care plan, specific to your child’s needs.
  • More time with your doctor with increased communication and longer appointments, if needed.
  • 24/7 access to the care team – virtual or in person.
  • Decreased wait times and same-day and weekend appointments.

What’s my role?

As a parent, your role is to participate with your child’s care team to help support and follow through with the care needs for your child. Share any concerns with your child’s care team.

To get the most benefit, make sure you:

  • Have your child follow through on recommended services, medicines, checkups and counseling.
  • Ask questions to get the information you need.
  • Inform your care team of any changes to your child’s health.
  • Review any of your child's care plans with the care team regularly.

You can rely on the care team for support while your child gets and stays healthy!