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HorizonbFit rewards members for making their health and fitness a priority.

HorizonbFit is Horizon BCBSNJ’s fitness incentive program. After members enroll, they become eligible to receive a $20 reward for every month in which they make at least 12 visits to any of our 4,000 participating facilities across the United States. That’s up to $240 a year in rewards!

Enrolling is free and easy for eligible members at HorizonbFit .com. Once there, members can:

  1. Verify eligibility
  2. Select a participating facility or nominate one to be included
  3. Set up a secure account
  4. Select their preference for reporting visits

ActiveFit makes tracking easy

HorizonbFit now has a free mobile app called ActiveFit™, which can make it easy for members to report trips to the gym. When the app is running, it will use GPS and Bluetooth services to detect when members enter a participating gym. ActiveFit will automatically log the visit toward the member’s monthly incentive – there’s no additional tracking they need to do!

ActiveFit can help members make the most of HorizonbFit in other ways, too. They can use it to:

  1. Find participating facilities
  2. View which facilities they’ve visited and when
  3. Access incentive payment information
  4. Track their steps and receive motivational messaging to keep their workouts on track

Members can download ActiveFit for free from the App Store℠ or Google Play™.

HorizonbFit eligibility

Members can find out if they are enrolled in a Horizon BCBSNJ health plan that participates in HorizonbFit by visiting and entering the required information from their member ID card. Dependents who are 18 years or older and covered under an eligible member’s Horizon BCBSNJ plan are eligible as well.

Learn more

Have questions on HorizonbFit or ActiveFit? View these FAQs to learn more: