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Horizon Balance Living

When you find work-life issues overwhelming, Horizon Balance Living is here to help. Qualified consultants can assist you with a range of needs and will keep your information confidential.

Horizon Balance Living is included in some employer-sponsored plans.

If you have Horizon Balance Living, you are entitled to:

  • Free telephone consultations to help with work, family and other issues. You will receive a minimum of three referrals to additional professionals and services that can assist you.
  • A 30-minute free consultation with a financial adviser to discuss investing, debt and more.
  • A 30-minute complimentary legal consultation, with discounts available if you retain an attorney through the program.
  • A 30-minute complimentary consultation with a mediation professional, with discounts for additional services.
  • An account on the Achieve Solutions website, where you can store information and access tools such as self-search locators for child care, elder care, adoption and more.

Depending on your plan, you may be entitled to additional Horizon Balance Living resources. You’ll also find useful resources, articles, links and interactive tools on the Achieve Solutions website.

In addition, Horizon Balance Living can connect eligible members with Horizon Behavioral Health if they need additional behavioral health services.

How to contact
Ask your benefits administrator if you are eligible for this program. Horizon Balance Living consultants are available by calling 1-866-843-0980 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Eastern Time.