Health Topics

Horizon BCBSNJ is dedicated to helping members on the journey to better health by providing them with tools and guidelines that offer valuable preventive health information.

Wellness Webinars

Preventive Health Guidelines

Our Preventive Health Guidelines provide a list of important immunizations and screenings that members should discuss with their doctor.

Preventive Health Guidelines: Birth to age 21 years

Preventive Health Guidelines: Adults

Wellness Information

Chronic Conditions

Understanding the Link Between Diabetes and Depression

Spring Is in the Air, but Breathing It in Can Be Hard (Asthma and Allergies)

Have a Chronic Condition? Know Your Stroke Risk

Surprising News About Colorectal Cancer Risk

How Healthy is Your Heart?

Healthy Living Tips for Managing Diabetes

Emotional and Mental Health

Is It the Baby Blues – or Something More?

Is Social Media Good or Bad for Your Emotional Health?

Preventive Health

Eight Ways to Be Healthier at Work

Gut Check: How Healthy Is Your Digestive Environment?

Why Are You So Tired?

Heart Health: Separate Fact from Fiction

You Might Need a Vaccine if...

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight

Do You Need a Pap Test?

Tobacco Cessation Resources

Are You Heart Smart?

Do You Know the Hidden Benefits of Exercise?

Being a Vegetarian Comes with Benefits

Talking to Your Doctor

Our Physician Checklist can help you have better conversations with your doctor about your health.