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Pet Insurance

Our members receive a 10% discount on coverage so they can give their pets the best care possible without worrying about overwhelming medical bills.

Our members have access to discounted pet insurance plans from the ASPCA, an advocate for animal welfare and a leader in the pet insurance industry. One of the ASPCA’s priorities is helping people care for their animal companions.

Visit the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance website to learn more about pet insurance‌ and save up to 10% with your member discount.

  Digging into Pet Insurance


[Music plays while text appears on screen to explain the benefits of Pet Health Insurance.]

[Animation starts with image of clouds in the sky and pans down to a dog digging a hole in the ground.]

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance presents Digging into Pet Health Insurance

Fur children get hurt and sick just like human children do, and with all the advancements in veterinary medicine, treatment can be expensive.

[The dog has dug a tunnel and pops its head out of the ground.]

When the unexpected happens, pet insurance can help save you from having to say no to the care your pet needs because of cost.

[Animation transitions to the dog holding an umbrella.]

What’s Covered?


[Animation transitions to an x-ray being taken of the dog’s stomach, which finds the dog has ingested a sock.]

Average cost of intestinal Foreign Object $3,151.73. Exclusions and Limitations apply


[Animation transitions to an x-ray being taken of a cat’s head, chest and abdomen, which finds the cat has bladder stones.]

Average cost of Bladder Stones $1708.58. Exclusions and Limitations apply

Hereditary Conditions.

[Animation transitions to an x-ray being taken of the dog’s head, chest and abdomen, which finds the dog has a spine problem.]

Average cost of Intervertebral Disc Disease $2,255.76. Exclusions and Limitations apply

[Animation transitions to solid color screen where each item in the list is given focus.]


  • Behavioral Issues
  • Dental Disease
  • Alternative Therapies
  • And more!

[Animation transitions the dog holding a magnifying glass to its left eye.]

Customizable Coverage

[Animation transitions to solid color screen where each coverage option is given focus]

Select your Annual Deductible.

The amount you must satisfy for covered veterinary expenses before you can start being reimbursed. Choose from $100, $250, $500.

Choose your Reimbursement Percentage.

The percentage of covered costs paid back to you after your deductible is satisfied.

Choose from 90%, 80%, 70%.

Pick your Annual Coverage Limit. The total amount you can be reimbursed over one 12-month policy period.

Choose from $5,000 / $10,000 / $15,000 / $20,000 / Unlimited.

[Animation transitions to the cat holding a wrench.]

How it works.

Subject to terms and conditions of the plan

  1. Visit any vet, specialist or emergency clinic
  2. Pay your vet bill
  3. Submit your claim
  4. Receive reimbursement through direct deposit or in the mail

[Animation transitions to solid color screen and 5-star ratings from customers are shown.]

“The best thing I did was get this protection for my beloved pets! They are great!” — Ruth P.

“I no longer have to worry about making a decision between my bank account and my dogs’ health.” — Lindsay L.

“Pet Insurance takes cost out of the picture so people can focus on the best medical choice for their pets” — Janine Pepin, D.V.M.

Disclaimer text appears at bottom of page. Limitations and exclusions apply

[Animation transitions to end with the dog.]

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

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