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Top Doc Health Care Value

Horizon’s Top Doc Health Care Value strategy boosts employee and insurer well-being.

Have you ever heard the term “doctor's doctor?” They are considered the best of the best — those that physicians trust and go to based on word of mouth from other doctors. Though physicians have the inside scoop, it can still be a challenge for them to find the right specialists for their unique needs. And if finding the right specialist is difficult for a doctor, typical patients are feeling it tenfold.

To help address this issue, workers' compensation (WC) PPOs need to create streamlined referral pathways to the best orthopedists, pain management specialists, physical therapists (PT) and other providers who specialize in work-related injuries — especially in states that allow patient steerage for life of claim. WC PPOs should not just be about medical savings — they need to enable people to receive the right care at the right cost to achieve the right outcomes.

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About Horizon Casualty Services, Inc.

Horizon Casualty Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, in business since 1994, is the #1 New Jersey workers' compensation (WC) and personal injury protection (PIP) PPO. The company's 100 percent direct-contracted provider network includes 99 percent of New Jersey acute care hospitals, overall WC savings 62 percent below UCR, and with its deep focus on precision, an extremely low WC appeals rate of 0.2 percent. Its PPO results combined with its WC health care value and OFN strategy enables insurers to be the best at delivering quality medical care to claimants at the right cost — clearly a win-win for all stakeholders involved in WC claims.