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Bending the Cost Curve on Medical Inflation Through Innovation

Can optimal health care be delivered at reasonable cost? YES.

Often the best method for achieving value-based care is a conservative approach to medical care delivery that includes three strategic elements:

  • Avoidance of unnecessary procedures, such as early MRIs, unnecessary surgeries, unnecessary prescribing of opioid narcotics and non-essential office visits
  • Clear explanation of the diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Partnership between patient and physician, empowering the patient to do what it takes to optimize the care and recovery process

Through rethinking how health care is delivered, we create new opportunities. Innovative approaches to achieving prompt, accurate diagnosis with effective treatment plans that include the patient as a partner in care leads to lower cost and better outcomes.

It is exciting that we have the opportunity to be trailblazers for health care transformation! Through creativity and innovation, we can and will bend the medical inflation cost curve downward.