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Benefits of an Outcomes Focused Network

Horizon Casualty Services’ (HCS) health care value programs include our Outcomes Focused Network (OFN), a subset of the overall HCS provider network, which helps ensure that injured workers receive the best possible care from in-network providers. By using a quality-focused approach to care, OFN benefits providers, patients and payers.

COVID-19 Update: New Workers’ Compensation COVID-19 Legislation for Essential Workers

Law Addressing Workers’ Compensation Presumption of Compensability for Essential Workers Ended June 4, 2021

Choosing a Workers’ Comp PPO Network

Understand the questions to ask when choosing a network of doctors and facilities to treat your employees injured on the job – not all PPOs are the same!

Consider Generic Medications First

Generic medications are a safe and effective way to help reduce rising health care costs

Bending the Cost Curve on Medical Inflation Through Innovation

Can optimal health care be delivered at reasonable cost? YES.