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Telehealth Update Regarding State Employees Covered Under Workers' Compensation

The State of New Jersey (the State) requires State employees covered under the State’s workers’ compensation program to submit a work status note to their supervisors following each medical visit, including telehealth visits. Providers must email a work status note to patients who are State employees following each telehealth visit to ensure that they are compliant with this requirement.

A work status note describes the health care professional’s recommendation for the patient’s treatment needs and ability to return to work. At a minimum, a work status note must include the following key elements:

  • Patient's full name
  • Date of service
  • Work status with restrictions, if any
  • Date of next office visit

If you have questions, please contact the Network Relations Department at 1-973-622-0100, Extension 87107 or 45930.

Thank you for your cooperation.