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Outcomes-Focused-Network Succeeds

Physicians participating in HCS’s innovative Outcomes-Focused-Network (OFN) programs have demonstrated a track record of providing high-level, evidenced-based care to injured workers. Our Pain Management Medical Home (PMMH) and Surgical Episode of Care (SEOC) programs contain care plans that are based on the recommendations of some of the most respected sources of evidence-based medicine (such as Official Disability Guides, North American Spine Society, American Pain Society, Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons) and treating physicians in our network.

The OFN program coordinates care among physicians, physical therapists and, when necessary, pain psychologists. In addition, treatment is coordinated among participating ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), pain management specialists and orthopedic surgeons. Patients who are not progressing as expected are quickly identified and re-assessed by their treating physician before weeks of physical therapy or other treatment pass without benefit.

Workers’ compensation care includes not only direct medical costs but also the indirect costs of having a patient out of work and unable to perform his or her work duties, causing additional stress and concern to the employer. Providing the best treatment in the most efficient manner that allows for a safe return to work is the ultimate goal.

Getting patients to the right physician at the right time and providing coordinated, evidence-based care not only reduces costs, but results in the best outcomes for the physicians and other health care professionals, the employer and, most of all, the patient.