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Benefits of an Outcomes Focused Network

Horizon Casualty Services’ (HCS) health care value programs include our Outcomes Focused Network (OFN), a subset of the overall HCS provider network, which helps ensure that injured workers receive the best possible care from in-network providers. By using a quality-focused approach to care, OFN benefits providers, patients and payers.

The OFN includes in-network orthopedic and pain management physicians, psychologists and physical therapists who practice evidence-based medicine. We evaluate providers prior to acceptance into the OFN and routinely re-evaluate them to ensure that they meet program requirements.

To ensure that providers use a quality-focused approach to care, we:

  • Assess provider performance to ensure they are practicing evidence-based medicine using a conservative approach to care;
  • Evaluate length of patient disability, use in-network resources and effectively document medical visits;
  • Measure cost and utilization.

The OFN differs from Outcomes-Based Networks (OBN), which are one-dimensional and rely solely on retrospective cost analysis.

According to Jeffrey Warshauer, DO, an orthopedic knee and shoulder specialist at Infinity Orthopedics, "Having the privilege of being selected as an OFN provider is a 'win/win' for all involved — the patient, the physician and HCS. The patient’s care is streamlined and they are referred to a physician skilled and knowledgeable in the care of comp patients. The physician has a direct pipeline for referrals from a known entity and HCS is able to quickly and efficiently provide care for the injured worker. In the end, these patients receive the care they need from the providers most equipped and experienced to provide it."

Erich Herkloz, MPT, Cert. MDT, CEO of Strive Physical Therapy and an OFN participant, recently stated that, "Horizon Casualty Services' OFN is a demonstration of their commitment to quality care to the industry. HCS has gathered a group of cutting-edge, leading providers in the area of workers' compensation throughout all specialties to ensure that their commitment to quality care is not sacrificed."

HCS' OFN's quality-focused approach has resulted in positive medical outcomes for patients and has helped to effectively control costs.