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When can I make changes to my coverage?

It depends on how you got your coverage and when you are trying to make a change.

I get my insurance through work:

If you get your coverage through your employer, check with your benefits administrator or human resources department for information about your employer’s Open Enrollment Period. Normally, you can only make changes to your coverage outside of the Open Enrollment Period when you have a qualifying life event. If you are an SHBP/SEHBP retiree, call or email the Division of Pensions and Benefits or, visit

I bought my coverage from the NJ State Based Exchange (SBE) or from Horizon BCBSNJ directly:

You can change your coverage:

  1. During the Open Enrollment Period – November 1 through January 31. You do not need to provide proof of qualifying life event changes.
  2. During the Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for COVID-19 – February 1 to August 15, 2021. You do not need to provide proof of life event changes.
  3. If you experience a qualifying life event – at any time. If you change coverage during this timeframe, you are required to provide proof of the life event and the date it occurred.

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Last updated:

Oct 30,2021